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For Every Sms You Submit you will get the full credit for that Submitted Content.You will get Exposure plus an author page with a bio and your website will also be linked at the top and bottom of the post. When you sign up to be an author here your account is set to subscriber. We will then upgrade the account to contributor, this basically means that your post will be published upon approval. I stress that posts will never be edited or changed in any way – if a post is not up to the quality we expect it may not be published however we will not edit the post at all. Any changes or modifications have to be done by the author. Please note that we have very strict guidelines regarding quality, grammar and spelling.


  • Any Duplicate Sms will not be published.We keep track of every Sms published on If you submit Sms which is already published we will delete that Sms.
  • You should not write Sms around topics to justify a link to your blog and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your blog. Remember, you get a link to your Site at the top and bottom of your posts plus a link on your author page which is also linked to at the top and bottom of every post and the links are clearly marked so that your site gets exposure.
  • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

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