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The AARAMBH Lifting Chalk

The AARAMBH Lifting Chalk

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The AARAMBH Lifting Chalk for Gym

  • Pure Light Magnesium Carbonate Gym Chalk Powder for Power and weight lifting, rock climbing, CrossFit, rope war, tug of war, and other sports.
  • ALL GRIP, NO SLIP - Chalkness Premium Gym Chalk For Absorbing Moisture And Improving Grip
  • Great for Powerlifting, Weight-lifting, Climbing, Gymnastics, Workouts, and Other Sports: Athletic Chalk is used in almost any sport at the professional level. In any sport that required your hands, it is crucial to keep them dry. Some examples are Tennis, Badminton, Shot Put, Javelin, Gymnastics, Pole Vaulting, Discus, etc.
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